Sunday, December 21, 2014

awni's CHRISTMAS Letter 2014!

Hi Friends,

When I last wrote, I had just moved in with my dear high school friend Fallon (hi Fallon!) in Walnut Creek. Soon after, an awesome studio opened up and I moved to one block from Golden Gate Park in an adorable neighborhood called Cole Valley (SF).

I LOVE San Francisco. During 2014, my boyfriend Patrick moved to NYC (I'll get to that) and we alternate visits at least every 3 weeks. Every time I return home, I fall back in love with SF's fresh air. Compared to NYC, SF is quiet, small (only 7x7 miles), clean, spacious, has warm weather (currently 63F) and is super relaxed (with tech employees wearing jeans/tshirts/flip flops to work and SF residents lounging around our Google powered WIFI parks on weekends).

credit: Hell or High Watermelon logo
My job as a 100% commission recruiter was an adventure for sure. I cleared my Q1 goal (Patrick and I joined the company to Chicago to celebrate), slid in Q2, then more than doubled Q3 for a net ahead of goal achievement. As I was cranking through Q4, I was invited by one of my favorite tech companies to take on their finance/accounting recruiting (plus a handful of smaller departments). After 2 lunches and 3 more visits, I was convinced that the opportunity was an amazing one (which means I'll be moving to Palo Alto, but more on that in 2015)!

I started my new job this month and am loving it! We are now on Winter Break and I've used the slower time to focus on training in order to hit it hard in 2015. Here's a cool article about the company (click pic). We work with exciting customers like the CIA! 

So back to Patrick, he graduated with his PhD from Stanford YAAAAAAYYYY!

His beautiful CV lined him right up for a post doc research position with Columbia University's Business School (HOT!) where he is taking on a variety of interesting projects and working towards getting published. I love and miss my boyfriend like crazy but am SOOOOO proud of him and thankful that he also supports me in my career. We look forward to settling down once his post doc is done. Here's us being in love on a recent visit:

I saw my family a few times this year. Here's Thanksgiving at Grammy's:

Miss you brother Josh! (He's on a Mormon mission in Columbus, OH). Also, I can't get enough of my sweet nephews!!!! <3 <3 <3

Last week I flew in for my Papo's memorial service in Utah where I got to hang out with my Joplin cousins (love you guys so much!) Here's a classic Joplin hang out scene:

The crazy one is my sister Dani. Hi Dani!

I love you all so much! Hope you will visit soon!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2015!!!!!



Saturday, December 21, 2013

awni's CHRISTMAS letter 2013!

Well, this year didn't go as expected!

Last year at Cmas, I wrote of working at a small CPA firm for the long term goal of starting my own practice.

( THAT was off. )

I am now 6 months into my new career as a finance/accounting recruiter and having so much fun! I feel energized and motivated to work hard to earn the privileges and perks (incentive trips, happy hours, ability to work remotely at times, holiday party overnight at the Ritz in Half Moon Bay!)


Dating the handsomest guy, Patrick. He is unlike any other. Really love him in my life! You should meet him sometime. He should see how many cool people I know.

Living with Fallon Smith! (My long-time friend from high school!) We're in pretty Walnut Creek (east bay), just a BART shot into the city. Having a blast, come visit!

Still visiting LA pretty regularly, averaging about every 6 weeks. love you guys!

Oh yea, and I recently turned 30 (those parties were awesome). I guess since I was kind of a gramma already, it hasn't been much different hehe... but things still get ridiculous!


HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you. LOVE you guys!!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Adios and a Kiss to my former career, Accounting (PS I'm moving to SF)

Dear Accounting,

You’ve given me so much. It’s hard to explain the jive I felt, practicing journal entries those first dozens of hours in college, hanging out in coffee shops. You made so much sense; and yet, you were a puzzle. I felt so grown-up wrapping my brain around your concepts. I aced your classes with joy. You made use of my brain.

Then you gave me New York: Madison Avenue, Bryant Park. Three months of New York Bliss. Later you gave me Chicago. San Francisco, Florida, Texas. Fun hotels. Standard, etc., etc.

But those were the good times, Accounting. We went through some hard times, as well. I won’t re-hash the 4am mornings. I’m still mad at you for that.

I tried to work things out with you. I tried different firms. I worked for two huge firms, a small firm, and a medium one, too. Finally, I realized it’s not you, it’s me. I need something that you just can't give. I need people interaction, to be exact.

So I’ve signed on as a Recruiter, and I’m through the roof with joy. I’ll be recruiting finance and accounting professionals, and my new colleagues are former CPAs. I will draw from my experience of taxing, auditing, consulting, and working in different environments to guide my friends to discover better opportunities for them.

By the way, I’m moving to San Francisco. My office is in the financial district with sweeping ocean views! I’m in such awe of how this all pieced together so fluidly, but when I see how my employers, clients, and candidates value my CPA, I know I owe this to you.

xoxo’s Sincerely,